Helping customers design and manufacture feed thrus and insulators for OEM and special applications is one our most significant strengths.Off-The-Shelf components do not work for all applications.When custom components are required,Omley Industries is there to put our extensive experience to work for you.Feed thru designs can range from the small micro-amp signal feed thrus to applications requiring the transmission of several thousand amps.High amperage designs can include water cooling.Feed thru scan be built to operate in atmospheres ranging from ultra-high vacuum to very high pressure.

Water Cooled Feedthrough . Alumina Is Colored with Chromium

Single Pin Feedthrough

Alumina Insulated Insulated Stand Off With Internal threads

Alumina Stand Off With Titanium Thread Bosses

Single Conductor Feedthorugh With
Gold Plated Copper Conductor

Ceramic/Kovar Stand off Assembly